Letter to Google Home Users

Dear Google Home Users,

Check out this video then let’s discuss!


Last year I wrote about online grocery shopping with Walmart. I’m happily still using their service.

So part of my daily geek regime is to read tech news. I specifically read from channels on Apple News for devices I own and services I use. I follow Spotify, Google Home, Apple Watch and other tech channels like iDropNews.

I am team Apple and I don’t like to miss updates that make my devices new again. Though I am team Apple, I don’t love Apple Music and I’ll never own a HomePod #1 because of the price and #2 because I’m team Spotify.

Enter Google Home.

Towards the end of last year, Spotify offered a free Google Home device to Premium for family accounts. I read about it on the Spotify channel otherwise I might have missed the offer. So I ordered my device intending to give it to my daddy for Christmas. Once it arrived, I twirled the box around in my hand and started to have anxiety about explaining this gadget to daddy without fully knowing it’s capabilities. I only knew that you could tell Google to play music from Spotify and I knew he would love it.

The Monday after Black Friday - I was in Walmart and saw the Google Home device boxed with the thing you plug into the television. So with that I knew he could talk to Google and say what he wanted to watch on television, so I decided to get him that and I went home and opened the freebie from Spotify.

I instantly fell in love.

By Christmas, I was a Google Home Expert & Promoter. My dad loved it before he had even unboxed it. Daddy and the Google Home and needing to teach him to use his inside voice was a funny story I never got around sharing.

Fast forward to the present, now mom has a Google Home Hub device in the kitchen. So for both of them I like to stay updated on Google Home news and tell them what new things they can do with their devices.

So this post is kind of for them.

Yeah so it took about a minute adding a loaf of bread to my grocery list, but I thought it was pretty cool.

P.S. WHY are healthier options more expensive?