Letter to Moviegoers

Dear Moviegoers,

Can you EVEN with another Rambo movie?

We went to the movies yesterday to see Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. As I was watching the trailers for the various movies, one came on for Rambo.

I just asked Google how many Rambo movies there are. She said five. I don’t know if that includes “Rambo: The Last Blood” coming out next month.

Anyway, as the trailer was playing, I was thinking I know this is not Rambo. I’ve seen maybe one Rambo. I can almost bet it was a family night movie pick by my brother who is seven years younger than me. It would have been the mid 80’s that we’d go to Blockbuster, rent a VCR and pick out a couple movies. My brother would have watched Rambo as many times as he could until it had to be returned and that might be how I’d even recognize a Rambo movie.

Back to me in my theater seat. I know this is not Rambo. Not knowing there was several more Rambo’s, I thought there was a jump from the one I saw in the 80’s to this one way in 2019. I know this is not Rambo. Dude you look ridiculous.

Move title appears and I say Really. Rambo? It’s 2019. I can’t even with another Rambo movie, and I didn't even know there were five.

I texted my brother this morning and told him. Of course he knew and I wondered if anyone besides his generation would be interested. I guess if you’re a Die Hard fan (pun intended) you’ll watch to the ridiculous end. I wonder how old their stunt guys are?

So I’m a die hard Fast & Furious fan. I didn’t think they/I could go on after Paul died, but they did and I did. The movies go back before my son was born. I can’t remember which one was the first one we took him to see. Now he’s the one who wants to go and I’m just along for the ride.

The movie was a bit long, and what this letter is really about is me sharing a tip with you because I found the perfect time to um pee.

I’m going to adopt this practice for the next action movie. What you do is go at the beginning of a fight scene. I folded up our empty bag of popcorn, stopped by the bathroom first, then went to get a popcorn refill, came back and the fight was ending just in time for me to see who won that round. I didn’t miss any dialog that was crucial to following the story. You’ll want to use this tip for the early fight scenes, not the grand finale fight scene.

That’s my moviegoer tip. You’re welcome.

On another note, can you even with another Star Wars movie? Same thoughts as above with Billy Dee Williams. Dude.