Letter to Murphy's Law

Dear Murphy,


I keep you in mind when I try to get something right for the 100th time (22 years of marriage, 14 years of motherhood).

I bought three bananas; one for now, one for later, one for tomorrow. The one for later I bought just in case my husband decides to eat a banana. If I only bought two bananas, he would eat a banana this afternoon and I wouldn’t have one for tomorrow.

I don’t buy a whole bunch of bananas. If I buy them by the bunch, no one will eat them. I’ll look up one day and wonder where the gnats are coming from.

We already have a frozen stash of overripe bananas that will probably have frost on them before someone decides they want a smoothie.

Worst Case Murphy's Law Scenario

Maybe I won’t have my banana tomorrow because both my son and husband will eat a banana today or the third banana will be still be here in a few days and will be added to the stash of frozen that I’ll throw away in a few months.

Can I get a witness besides Murphy?

Let’s chat.