Letter to People Who Can't Seem to Change

Dear Old Dog,

I’ve got a new trick for you.

Let me tell you about this MAH-VAH-LOUS product I found on Amazon.

I am one who does NOT waste toiletries, beauty products or FOIL! You’d be surprised how many more shampoos you get out of storing the bottle upside down, or pushing the toothpaste to edge through the pain of arthritic thumbs. A teeny weeny piece of soap can lather for days more with an exfoliating scrubber.

I am the one to continue using the scraps while my family moves on to brand new containers. Fine. I can deal with that. What I can’t seem to intercept is the unnecessary use of FOIL!!!! IT IS SERIOUSLY MY PET PEEVE to see it used to cover anything that will be stored in the refrigerator. I use foil for covered baking, cooking bacon in the oven and grilling. To me that’s what foil is for; not for covering leftovers all willy nilly.

Foil covered plate.jpg


My husband (the old dog) wrapped the plate.


Enter The Marvelous Product



This is called a silicone stretch lid. This is the largest one of the pack and it will cover our dinner plates. There are 6 sizes in the 12-pack and the smallest size can fit over a can of soda and still stretch over a small bowl. If you have containers missing lids or didn’t come with lids, these are perfect. They don’t take up any space. You could jam them in your junk drawer and they’d fit.

While I’m Venting….

  • What fully grown adult puts too much food on their plate anyway?

  • We DO own containers with lids, so WHY?

Am I’m being too critical? Don’t answer that. Because I can’t change either. This will forever bother me. I will not cut my losses. I will just fix it every.single.time.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with the foil I removed from this plate, but I feel better now.

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