I caught Santa doing his business...

I wanted to put this post on my regular blog, but Here's the thing... my son is on the brink of not believing, and I don't want to blow it now from the homepage of my site. shhh


So I'm wrapping it up in a Tech Byte to tell you that, once upon a time I caught Santa!

This was so simple to do, you don't need any photoshop skills. 

You snap your photo, upload it to your computer and to http://www.icaughtsanta.com/.

You can choose from countless Santa's, Rudolph's and backgrounds. I purposely choose a photo where you can't tell what Santa looks like. This photo is of Santa looking at his list right in front of our fireplace.

We were going out of town that year. Santa left something in Christopher's stocking, including this photo. So see, Santa made himself at home while we were gone.

The short and sweet? There's a promotion going on until December 10th! You can do this right now for free. Hurry up and decorate if you haven't already. 

The free code is #SantaShare.