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I'm linking up with my Finish the Sentence friends today from my Tech Bytes blog. So if you're stopping by and you don't use an iDevice - you can be excused.

But before you go, here's how I finished the sentence.

Life is way too short... to let technology pass you by.
iGeek - iClaim it

iGeek - iClaim it

It's the third day since the latest iOS software has been released for iPhone. I was surprised that as of yesterday some people still didn't know about it. 

I guess everyone doesn't read tech magazines like I do - from the library. 

Yesterday I shared this picture on Facebook after playing with some of the new features. In the new iOS8 software, there is a timer where you don't have to be holding the camera anymore to take a selfie. 

Now I can take less awkward pictures when I am trying to see what the back of my hair looks like. 

Apple updates the software every year, so I've been reading about the rumored features since earlier in the summer. On the day it was supposed to be released I started refreshing my phone after midnight. I kept waking up from midnight until 5:00 when it was time to get up. No update.

Then I googled asking what time is the iOS8 software going to be released? 

The release time was going to be at 1:00 EST.

Phooey! My son had a doctors appointment. I needed to leave the house at 1:10 to pick him up from school to get to a 1:45 appointment. 

At 1:00, I was trying to update my phone. I was willing to leave it behind if it would start updating. 


No such luck. So I took the phone with me. 

After the doctor appointment he asked if I could take him to get a snack, so we went to Rita's. 

At Rita's I checked for the update and it said the update was available. I gasped. I said, "Buddy, let's take this to go."

I carefully rushed home and as we pulled it the garage, I waited for the wifi to connect and I hit software update again.

The update traffic in cyberspace has been known to take hours with all the other iGeeks in the United States joining me the moment that the update is available.

I had to leave the house again at no later than 4:00.

Please please please download in time. This time I was going to be gone longer. I didn't want to leave my phone for four hours.

I had one hour and one minute


While you are downloading, you can click on the "Learn More" to see what all is included in the update.

At exactly 4:08 pm, I was like "come on come on come on, I've gotta gooooooo". Finally the update was downloaded and installed. I left the house to go help my husband with some photo shoots - pretty much on time.

I didn't get to play with it and learn what was behind all the hidden features until later that night, and then of course I got sleepy. 

So finding the selfie on a self timer feature yesterday afternoon was a delight. I am not even sure it was mentioned in the "Learn More" section of the update.

But that's not all! 

Not if but when you have time to goof off, the community of #iOS8 hashtaggers on Twitter always have the best information. 

Here's a few #iOS8 tweets I favorited

Take away and enjoy!

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