Tweeting Quotes via Squarespace

Changing templates comes with a little housekeeping. Clean up your quotes in 5 easy steps!

I had some housekeeping to do after I changed my Squarespace template. I had been using a ton of custom code for a Tweet This / Click to Tweet look-a-like.

Some of my prior Tech Bytes, as it relates to Squarespace, have been helpful to Squarespace users, so I thought I'd write out the work-a-round I used to achieve the below.

There are quite a few steps to achieve this, but like I said I was housekeeping. I had to clean up what was ugly.

You can make this any color you want. You can use any font available to you in Squarespace, and you'll be happy to know, there is no coding involved.

It's a button!

How to Create a Tweet This Look-a-Like in Squarespace

The first thing you'll want to do is add a large button to your drafted post and  create your tweet text. Keep in mind your 140 characters, your URL and your tweet name. 

Now you're going to let twitter create your link. Click here.

  1. You haven't published your post yet, but you'll need your published URL. Go to settings and get your link. My link for this post is

  2. Enter the text for your tweet. Make sure it's not too long. Note: When you are typing the text for your button, put "Tweet" in front of it or some similar call to action. I used Font Awesome.

  3. Fill in your @tweetname

  4. You don't need that HREF code for anything. Click on tweet to preview.

  5. Select and copy the link in the preview and paste it in your button clickthrough URL.

Except for your personal styling, that's all folks. Go to the editor and personalize your gigantic button. 

This has been a sporadic tech byte. My sidebar and footer info applies to my storytelling blog