Daily Bread

I've always enjoyed reading Our Daily Bread. If you can find one, it is a monthly publication with a daily devotional. I haven't seen a hard copy in years, however, there is a shortcut for that (my preferred method of reading).  I am not always so zealous to read The Word, as I should. However, saving access to RBC ministries Daily Bread as a short on my iPhone/iPad is an enticing incentive.  Self saying to self, “Read your daily bread first.”  So I do as I say.

Click on this link, from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. At the bottom/middle of your screen iPhone/touch or top left/iPad, click on the right arrow in the square, then click Add to Home Screen. You can name the appcon whatever you want; mine says The Word. Click add at the top right and volià - you have the shortcut saved to your screen!  This applies to any webpage you want to save as an appcon shortcut.

Today’s scripture: Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. ~ Romans 12:2