Emoji - for the Smart @$$ Phone

Simply put, I love Emoji. But I have one gripe before I continue...I paid $.99 for the above Emoji app because of the appcon. Those faces are not in the app. They got me. There are several Emoji apps (most are free) in the appstore and all of them have the same emoji's. Just make sure you choose one that will install an Emoji keyboard so you don't have to copy and paste - that defeats the purpose. The app has a lot of useless emoji's and could stand some updates, but that won't stop me from using it. Here are a few of my favorite Emoji's and my meaning for them:

If you have your apps saved in folders, you can also use Emoji to customize the folder titles. Here are a few of mine:

Just don't waste Emoji on anyone that doesn't have the device for that. They'll just ask what that Japanese symbol, box, or question mark means after your text. ;-)