Facebook for iPad

It's about frickin' timeFor me, wanting the REAL Facebook on the iPad is so yesterday. When I heard today that the app has finally been optimized for the iPad, I said, "So what" while simultaneously trying to download it.

From the App Store on the iPad, I looked for the Facebook app among 1616 other related facebook apps. When I sorted according to release date, it asked me a dumb question, "Did you mean faceboom?" WT? 

When I went to iTunes from my computer I couldn't find it there either. So I opened the article announcing Facebook for iPad and clicked on the following link http://itunes.apple.com/app/facebook/id284882215 which took me to iTunes on apple.com. From there I clicked on View in iTunes, which took me back to my desktop iTunes.  I stared at the screen icon that said, DOWNLOADED and thought, "Duh!"

So I went back to the App Store on my iPad. Then I clicked on Purchased and searched for Facebook. I said, "There you are!" Quite annoyed with myself for making it so difficult, I realized from once upon a year ago when I had originally downloaded Facebook, it was the same app - not a new one. DUH!

I hope I've helped somebody with a smooth transition to the download.

Though I wanted to reject the excitement of Facebook for the iPad, it looks absolutely lovely without the 2X fuzz.

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