Okay, I'm going to stop with the isayings before it gets innoying. Okay that was the last one.

So this time yesterday I was really under the weather and by that I mean sad about iCloud - because I couldn't get it. I am so glad I updated my iPad first; it served as a trial run. My apps were in iTunes, all I had to do was sync them back to the iPad. I crossed my fingers that the data was still there. I had tried to reason with myself that it wasn't all bad if the data was gone. Maybe my son wouldn't be so addicted to Angry Birds if he had to start over.  Angry Birds was the first app I opened and let's say I was quite relieved that it was on the last level we played. Same goes for all the other apps; the data was intact.

I can't wait to compare this install experience with when I update my husbands phone. He doesn't hardly have anything on his and his iTunes is on an iMac. I bet it won't take more than an hour. However, when my phone finally had updated successfully, it had taken five hours and 51 minutes!! By the time I could really check it out, I was too tired to play with it. I took one picture using the new shutter button and changed my text tone.

For those still needing to update, here are a few things to know/do for peace of mind. Make a copy of your iPhone/iPad backup file and store it somewhere else - just in case. The Windows7 path is  C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync

If you only have one device, there should only be one backup file in there. You will have to determine which is which (by time) otherwise.  Leave a comment if you need further explanation.

Before you update your phone you will need to update iTunes (and Safari on Mac), sync your phone, transfer purchases if you have them (purchases also means free apps) and backup your phone.  That's the backup you also want to copy and save somewhere - just in case. After you have done that, go to the summary tab and click to update your phone.  A message is going to come up that the update will erase everything on your phone.  Don't freak out; everything is still in iTunes/your backup. Don't get excited if you get a time remaining (that means nothing), it's like football minutes but waaaaaay longer.

When your update is complete, unplug your phone and agree to the new settings. Again don't freak out, you will still need to put your apps back after that.  Once you are done with that plug your phone back in. Click on your device on the left hand side of the screen, click on Apps at the top of the page, click on Sync apps at the very top of that page.  Be patient, it will take a minute or so (at least on my old computer) for your check mark to show up.  Then at the bottom right hand side of the screen click sync.  Now go do something else. Depending on how many apps you have, this could take another hour.  That's it! As my son says, "Easy peasy lemon greasy" .

As for iCloud, it is a little glitchy right now so I am taking a patient back seat.  We are already MobileMe subscribers so we have that sync to "the cloud" function until June.  I read online yesterday that iCloud signeruppers had temporarily lost their contacts and calendar data - now THAT would freak me out!

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