I'll do it..when I get around to it

This app is different from the typical calendar and task reminders. In Do it (Tomorrow), you type in a list of things you want to do today. Anything that you don't strike through today, automatically gets added to tomorrow. This app is great for when you have stuff to do and you don't want to forget anything. You can simply add to it at anytime and strike though it when you get it done. Here's a typical list:

  • Buy gift for birthday party
  • Call AC man
  • Get stamps
  • Send email to teacher
  • Drop off bracelet at jewelers
  • Pick up stuff from cleaners
  • PetSmart - get filters
  • Schedule exam

Do it (Tomorrow) is a universal app and it will sync between your iPhone and iPad. Do it, will definitely keep moving your uncompleted tasks to the next day with the badge letting you know something is still on your list "to do". I left 'schedule mammogram' on my list for two months until I sighed at the badge notification and finally called to schedule an appointment with the unpleasant boob masher.