IMDb adds Trivia

I have been a fan of IMDb since before I had a smartphone to use it on.  On my phone IMDb is a top hit - meaning I use it often.  I use it for trying to recall what movie an actor played in. A favorite, is to challenge my husband, "He did not play in Man on Fire, you wanna bet?"  With IMDb you can play movie trailers, and read about the cast and crew. You can read trivia and goofs. I like to read the goofs before I look at a rented movie to see if I can spot the error. I also like finding out how old and how tall actors are. That's not too stalkerish - I don't go any further than that. I could probably tell you how short  and about how old Tom Cruise is, but I don't know where he's from or how many brothers and sisters he has. Though I am pretty sure you can find it in IMDb.

Now IMDb has a cool trivia app.  It would be a great travel game for the family. No worries if you aren't one of the luckies grandfathered in with unlimited data. According to IMDb trivia, it has Airplane mode and can be played without internet access.

If you really want to get serious with the competition, you can play with friends through Apple Game Center and share your scores on Facebook.

Given my long history with IMDb, I look forward to the challenge with myself.