iQRazy for QR codes

tweet my QR code

So I was stumped receiving a QR code tweet on my iPhone. How can you scan a QR code on your phone, with your phone? You can't, but you know what? There's an app for that. Sorry I just can't resist saying that. If you receive a QR code via e-mail, text or tweet, you can save the image to your photo album.

Qrafter is an app that will scan the QR code from your photo album and translate it for you. The other QR apps I discussed previously were free. This one is free only to scan the code from your photo album. To create QR codes you'll need to buy the upgrade - I don't think so.

So I'm on the hunt for ONE free or reasonably priced QR app that does what all three of my free ones currently do. When I find one, I'll post an update.