Not until all the i's are dotted...

As much as I would like to play with some of the iCloud features, in my research, iCloud is still not where it needs to be for iFamilies like mine. I would love the photo streaming feature the most but with a work around for the occasional photo from my phone that I want on my iPad, I can use Dropbox for that. Additionally Dropbox has all my documents in their cloud that I want to access across my computers and devices.  In case you missed it, here's the link to the Dropbox appsider.

Here's an interesting article titled Steve Jobs Wanted Dropbox - Instead We Got iCloud

Here's another title that speaks for itself On Second thought, Apple IDs Won't Be Merging Anytime Soon

For now, I'll have to be jealous of the iSingles who got to jump right in. I'm staying on the shallow end. I am grateful that Apple extended MobileMe accounts until June because I don't have time for any of the error messages I've been reading about.

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