O how I iMissed you


My iPad finally has a magazine on the Newsstand. A friend of mine let me borrow her November issue of O. It was no longer available in stores. In my search to get a copy, I wondered if I could purchase it from the iTunes Newsstand. I was excited to find out that I COULD purchase back issues. I didn't need a subscription, and I could buy one magazine at a time if I chose to. 

Because I am a gadget girl, I was overjoyed that the magazine was interactive! The November issue included a Self-Awareness Workbook. Three questions from the magazine inspired me to write this in my blog. You don't need pen and paper to take a quiz, you can watch a video within the magazine, and links will open a webpage! Cool huh? Absolutely!

I loved the Oprah show. I don't get OWN, so I don't have access to her anymore. Oprah shares this month's magazine cover with Dr. Oz. This issue includes Dr. Oz's 28-Day Fresh Start to Renew Your Body, Mind, and Soul. Sounds like a winner and a good reason to "start tomorrow"!

Kenya G. Johnson

Using Apps for that...

Using Apps for that...

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