There are probably a bunch of free apps to help you remember friends’  birthdays, but I like Occasions and at .99 cents, I think it is worth it. I wanted an app that would remind me of birthdays, anniversaries and holidays and wouldn’t require any input to set it up.

I will tell you that I was already diligent about having my friends and families birthday information loaded into my contacts.  In case you didn’t know the iPhone field exists for birthdays, here are the steps:

  1. Go to contacts and click on individual
  1. Click edit
  1. Scroll to bottom and click add field
  1. Scroll to bottom and click on birthday
  1. Choose birthday and correct year if you have it

The date field under birthday is for anniversaries if you need to remember those.

When you set up occasions, you have the choice to import all your Facebook friends

birthdays as well. Once you have them all imported you can also uncheck the fake

friends who you accepted despite not knowing who the h-e-double hockey sticks they were.

Occasions will remind you a week in advance, or at the time you specify, that you have a friend turning “42”. There will also be a badge on the appcon to keep reminding you until you update the notification. From within the app you can write a message on your friend's wall, send an email, text message OR here’s a new one - just call them.

Occasions will also remind you of anniversaries and holidays you choose to be reminded of.

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