Read my QR code!

The app I am going to mention here isn't anything new. I just found a new use for it.  I am sure you have seen these codes around. I never took the time to figure out the who, what, when, where or why until today. I have to give La'Tonya a mention here for inspiring this blog posting because I sure had apper's block.

If you don't have a QR scanner already on your phone, check out the free app RedLaser - Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader. I was already using it to scan UPC barcodes.  You can scan a barcode in a store and find out if anyone is selling it cheaper. It's worth a scan if you don't need that item like - right now.  When I first started scanning stuff in stores, I was so conspicuously sneaky about it, security was probably watching. Everybody does it now, so I don't feel bad for comparison shopping.

Today La'Tonya had a QR code posted on her blog and said she created it. I was like WHAT?! You can do that?! When I scanned hers with my phone I was so amazed and excited. I mentioned it in a prior post - iGeek, iClaimit. So I created the one above. You'll have to get RedLaser to read it. Stay tuned to how it was done!

Cool beans!!