Redbox has an app for you to take your time and pick out your videos from the comfort of your own phone. From the redbox app, you can choose your preferred location, read a description of the movie and order away. Trailers would nice, but that feature is only available at


America has become an impatient nation - me included. I do not want to wait in line behind someone who is flipping through every movie in every alphabet and getting 5 dvds from the redbox machine. I already ordered my movie. There is one disk waiting for me and all I need to do is swipe my card. MOVE!

If I can have control over speeding up the process, I will. That includes putting back the 21st item (not where it belongs) to rightfully stand in the express lane. The new Walmart does not have self checkout, so that is not an option. While waiting in line at the redbox machine, and for one cutter in the deli line, I imagine I could have had my '20 items' shopping done already.

Spread the news America. Redbox has a free app! OR you can order at from the comfort of your own HOME! If you are standing in line behind someone at the redbox machine who isn't just picking up or dropping off a disk then they don't know any better. I know...that was mean. BAD techie snob! (apperspective slaps hand)

In the same breath I say, if Walmart had an app for ordering deli items, I'd be so grateful.

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