Reminders...funky configuration, but it works

I wanted to try out reminders because if it works, there may be a couple apps I can delete. You can't delete the pre-installed Apple apps. If you can't delete 'em, you might as well use 'em. I will be using Reminders. One of my weaknesses in a job is taking a long time, the first time, to figure out the best way to use/do something. There may already be a way that it's meant to be used but if I think, "there's got to be a better way", then I'll be on the search. This was one of those things. It's fine to just type in your reminders and have them remind you at a certain time. Other apps do that. This app also had reminders based on location. That's what I wanted. Surely Apple didn't mean for us to add Piggly Wiggly to our contacts, but I think they did.

Here's an example. I DO have JCPenney saved into my contacts because I receive text coupons from them. So I went on the internet to get my local store address to put into my contacts. Now with JCPenney STORED as a contact, I can used them for a location reminder. I have a bag of stuff in my car to take back, but I keep forgetting to do it. Next time I am in the Mall parking lot, or hopefully just driving by, I will get a reminder notification to take the stuff back.

Here's the work around for places I don't want to store in my contacts. This morning I had to drive by Walmart so I pulled in a parking space and created a reminder for later. I knew that I needed packaging tape but I could get it later. So my reminder says, "Get stuff from Walmart" and in the notes section I write packaging tape.. In the Remind Me part of the app, I click on Add a Location. The app will put in the current location. I check the option for When I Arrive and next time I pull up to Walmart I should be reminded to pick up packaging tape.

Well I could not hardly wait to try it out, so I went back to Walmart this afternoon. I'm walking up to the store with my iPhone in my pocket saying, "please work". It did!!! I wonder if anyone wondered why I was grinning at my phone when I looked at it.

So it's a little backwards this way but it will only have to be done once; creating fake reminders for the places that you frequently go. As long as you don't check the reminder as completed, it will remain there. You can turn off the reminder and you can edit and change the notes. I would like to see Apple update this app with adding a location as a favorite, or even adding the location before you leave home without it saved as a contact. But for now this works.

You can also set the reminder for When I leave, but I won't be using that. It reminded me a little too late leaving out of my neighborhood. If I'm at Walmart, I don't want it to remind me once I've started my car to leave that I need packaging tape. I'm not going back in.