Updated: News you can use AND save!

I try not to start off with "I love this app", but "I LOVE THIS APP!"  I have Pulse installed on my iPad and iPhone. Though I mostly use it on the iPad.  I follow quite a few blogs but I don't like to be tied to the computer to read them.  Pulse is a news/feed reader that you can view as if you were looking at the site from your desktop.  If the blogger has inserted a picture into his or her blog post, that picture will be the thumbnail view. Otherwise the title of the blog post shows up in white text with a black background. It's very pretty! Girl talk.  I have 5 pages of blog sources in Pulse, with room for more.  Each page allows 12 sources. Pulse refreshes when you open the app or you can swipe down or left to refresh it again.

When you click on a thumbnail you have the choice of reading the blog feed in text only or you can choose web where you can view the site as you would from a desktop. Viewing as web is the best choice if you want to see the pictures and/or leave a comment. You can also click on view in Safari, but at this point you have left the Pulse app.  From Pulse you can share posts/articles with Facebook, Twitter or by email.

If you click on the star symbol in Pulse, it will save the post/article in Pulse.me and the other devices where you have Pulse installed.  Cool huh? Pulse.me also has a browser add-in.  I have it installed on Google Chrome. Pulse does not have an add-in for Safari and I'm not sure about the other browsers.  With the desktop add-in, you can save posts/articles to read later. All you have to do is  click on the P (for the Pulse add-in) and the article is sent to your saved stuff in Pulse on your devices.

It takes a little setting up, but check it out, it's FREE!

Update 10/12/2011: Pulse now has SYNC! Adding a or deleting a source from one device will automatically sync changes with other devices.