What if you didn't need an app for that?

The website http://ifttt.com/ stands for if this, then that, and the user possibilities are soooooo neat! This site looks great in Safari and is very iPad friendly. Currently ifttt has 37 channels. The channels combine what ifttt calls recipes to complete a task. The photo above is the recipe I created to receive a text message when my friend has a new post on her blog. When I woke up this morning, I had received the SMS at 1:10 AM  saying New post on A Serendipitous Sojourn: Guest Post: The Gambler http://bit.ly/s0KEYi

Since I straddle the fence when it comes to geek and technically challenged, I'm not going to try to explain HOW to do this. I've only figured out this one recipe. Even though ifttt.com doesn't do much as far as giving instructions, there are a bunch of shared recipes on the site that can be customized.  For those who are also technically challenged, I'd hate for you to bypass a great web tool. I found this awesome YouTube video to get you started.