What's not to like?

Even though I am/was a paid mobileme subscriber, Dropbox has been the app I have been using to access saved files across my computers and devices.  This is a great way to password protect documents and photos, while accessing them from anywhere without taking up memory on your device (laptop, tablet, iPad, phone). When you file and “save as” to your Dropbox folder on your computer, it automatically syncs with your Dropbox.com account and saves the file everywhere you have your Dropbox account linked.

To add value to Dropbox, you can link it with other apps so that you can edit your files on the go. I use Quickoffice on my iPhone and iPad. I also have Dropbox linked with a camera app called Filterstorm, where I can take a photo, edit and save it to my Dropbox account.

The Dropbox app is free and you get 2GB of FREE storage space.  Additionally once you are signed up, for each friend you invite who also joins and installs Dropbox, they will give you and your friend 256 MB of additional space (8 GB limit).

Invite your friends to Dropbox! I’m inviting you today: http://db.tt/Seh93H7