The Christopher Chronicles

The Christopher Chronicles 2.0 is available now!

From the back cover...

The Christopher Chronicles 2.0 continues to be a sweet and funny, coffee table/bedside book of laughs! 

Per Christopher, this is a "delectable" update.

For anyone who needs a bright spot in their day, just flip to a page.

The "Christopherisms" are humorous narratives from a kids point of view, all recorded by "mom" while managing to keep a straight face. 

This update contains over 200 "Christopherisms" from ages 6 to 10.

The Christopher Chronicles 2.0

A Must-Read for ANYONE!

The Christopher Chronicles is a comic relief series of books filled with funny quotes and anecdotes that are one of a kind out of the mouth of babes "Christopherisms".

These books are designed with the best intentions to warm your heart, and make you smile. 

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About the Christopher Chronicles brand & Original Books

“This book is for every adult who has ever been left speechless by a child and had to hold back their laughter.”
— Antoinette Dickson
“These anecdotes are great reminders of the confidence, discovery, humor and innocence of childhood. Filled with lots of good laughs, cute moments, entertaining truths and an overload of adorable, this book sparkles with charm, insight, imagination and amusement. It’s a feel good read...”
— Reader Review

T his is the 2nd edition of The Christopher Chronicles (TCC). This reformatted edition includes the original 99 "Christopherisms" and much more!

Amazon Reviews

The Christopher Chronicles is a funny coffee table/bedside book. This would be a great gift for:

  • Mothers, Aunts, Sisters
  • Fathers, Uncles, Brothers
  • A "Get Well"
  • Baby showers
  • Pastors
  • Grandparents
  • Sunday/school teachers
  • Anyone who needs a bright spot in their day - just because.