The Old Man and the Airborne...

Prologue: It's that time of year again. Mom and dad are here for an extended visit, grandparenting while we get through the busy Marine Corp Ball Photography season. 

This time a year I always stock up on Airborne and hand sanitizer. We shake hands, we socialize and I touch ink pens that a lot of other hands have touched. Call me a germaphobe, but I don't want to get sick. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

So last week before mom and dad got here, I went to Walmart to stock up on things. I bought three boxes of Airborne which contributed to one of those 'I spent too much' receipts. Airborne's price tag ranges from $6.48 to $7.34 per one box of 10 effervescent tablets depending on what "flavor" it is.  

The Old Man and the Airborne 

One grumpy morning after three hours of sleep I shuffled into the kitchen to take some Airborne. I opened a new box and immediately noticed that it seemed "light".

I counted and it had eight tablets in it. I opened another new package and it had 9 tablets in it. I scoffed in my head, awww hell naw... I was shorted on 10 tablets of airborne in TWO containers. How often had THAT happened? I was fuming mad. Just set my morning out on a warpath. 

I thought about returning the eight and nine tablets to Walmart but I needed one right then. Plus, ain't nobody got time for that.

I decided to get on the computer and write Airborne customer service a nicetygram. I don't believe in being nasty. I have always worked in customer service and nastiness isn't as as effective as nice - in some cases.

However under some unforeseen circumstances I think I was a little witchy when I went on about the cost of Airborne and how I will be counting my tablets from now on.

After I clicked submit, I said to myself, "If they don't respond to me by Monday I am telling all of social media to count their Airborne tablets." Meanwhile I took a picture of the boxes.

Later that morning, I mentioned this to daddy. He said, "Oh I opened them. I used one of each. I wanted to see what flavor I like." I thought about my note to customer service like @-)#-o.

Airborne responded to my email that very same day. They were very concerned and gave me a phone number so that we could discuss it further. 

I wrote back...

"Thank you for your quick response. I'd like to apologize for my note to customer service this morning. My dad is visiting and I mentioned the missing airborne and he said he had been using them. He put them back in the packaging and I had assumed that they were brand new. I do appreciate your quick response to resolve my complaint."

I'm sure they had a good laugh or a "that heifer" discussion at my expense. But I hope they appreciated that I let them know I was wrong.

The End

This story was brought to you by a bout of PMS. 

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