A Love/Hate Relationship Story

A Love/Hate Relationship Story

It was January of 2012 when I took this picture. It was my attempt to say goodbye to my snacks and remember them as they were. 

I can't believe all these snacks were ever in my house all at once for this photo op. In my defense, I did not buy all of those. Some had been given to me weeks prior for my birthday.

Skittles and I go way back...

I've tasted the rainbow a thousand times.

Back in 1993 (yes I remember the year because I had the flu) I always had a stash of Skittles. I didn't let the flu stop me from eating them either. I was popping them like pills until.... TMI. :-&

I didn't eat Skittles for nearly a decade!

In between time, I fell in love with peanut M&M's. From 1998 to 2000 (age 28 to 30) when I was in denial and thought I could still eat whatever I wanted, I ate them almost every weekday.

I worked at a job where my desk was the first one you'd see coming into the office. One of the guys that worked there kept a bowl on MY desk and filled it daily with peanut M&Ms. I didn't even like peanut M&Ms until I tried them.

I tried to ignore them, but I couldn't. In time, I probably ate a pack of M&Ms a day. You wanna know something gross? There was no scoop in the bowl. Eight men worked in that office and we had a lot of visitors. Say it with me, "Ewwww!" :-&

I started eating plain M&Ms in 2004 when I was pregnant. About 16 weeks into my pregnancy, I craved plain M&Ms. I didn't even like plain M&Ms. I just wanted some. I did not go to the checkout line to get them. I went to the candy aisle and bought a big bag. This would be around the time that on my next appointment I had gained 25 pounds in one month. The same month I called to ask my mom how to make gravy and then ate the whole pot - like it was soup.

I only ate that one (giant) bag of M&Ms that month. I didn't buy them again until sometime in early motherhood. I kept them in the freezer because I only liked them teeth breaking cold. Yeah that happened once.

That moment when you hope that was candy you just crunched.:((

I had it bad for M&Ms. So breaking up with them in 2011 was a big deal. I wrote about falling off the wagon and inviting M&Ms back into my life a year and half later.

Something I used to love, but now hate again for the second time, SKITTLES.

I can't remember when I started eating them again, but they had become my go to travel candy. However, in 2013, Skittles changed the green flavor from lime to green apple. UGH!

Present Day

I hate green apple! :-&

M&Ms and I drifted apart. I'll taste one here and there but the spark is gone.

As for Doritos, they are still in my life. I had a bag yesterday. Stupid school lunch snacks.

Here's the thing. I don't really hate Skittles as a whole. If I get a pack, I just give the green ones to Christopher. :-j

What snack have you fallen out of love with?

This story was inspired by Finish the Sentence Friday, where the writing prompt this week is - Something I used to love, but now hate...

Hosted by Kristi Campbell & co-hosted this week by Allie Smith and Kelly McKenzie

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