Photos in the Cloud


Sharing a post like this just got a little easier for me. A couple weeks ago, one of Apple's updates to the Mac (OS X Yosemite) included photos in the cloud. Now I don't have to email iPhone photos to myself to blog them.

The photos are in the cloud and on my computer the moment I take them. One less step. The only downside is that there's a lot of photos that I don't mean to keep forever. You know like pictures of my feet after I got them done and sent a picture to mom. Stuff like that.

Side note...

Don't you hate it when you show someone your phone to look at one picture and then they scroll through lots of them? That's when the feet pictures are embarrassing as well as the countless photos of the back of my hair.

Anyway today I'm linking up with Tuesday Ten and sharing:

10 Random photos shot with my iPhone via "The Cloud"

#1 - Remember I wrote about the Ninja gadget we bought? This is how much mess I made in the beginning. I'm getting better at simplifying the mess/cleanup.


#2 I wrote about my tree Maxine and how she got her name three years ago. You've got to click back just to see how much she's grown. 

#3 Here's a picture of my handsome baby brother and his horse Seven. 

#4 #5 Christopher was one of sixteen 4th and 5th graders at his school to be inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society. The program was last week. Here's a picture of him and his teeny weeny teacher. She has been great and I credit her for him having such a successful year. He's a good student too! =D>

#6 This is my mom and dad at a wedding this past weekend. 


#7 We shot a basketball tournament this weekend. Since mom & dad were in New York, Christopher had to go with us. I found a job for him to do but mostly he played on his xBox. This traveling xBox thing is the best gift ever. 

#8 On Friday I started feeling sick. Saturday was my worst day because my nose was on lockdown and my ears were stopped up. Sunday morning I took a selfie to see if I looked as bad as I felt or if my nose looked as big as it felt. I like the picture, otherwise I wouldn't be sharing it. That is my normal size nose. ;;)

#9 End of the day selfie with Christopher. 

#10 And the full moon as we were leaving. I couldn't capture how pretty it was.

Did you see the full moon this weekend? If so, did you take a picture?

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