The Lollypop Throw Down

A Throwback Story

You already know how this ends right?

It was June of 2006 and Christopher was 17 months old (that age when the cashier needs to scan the item the child is holding and a war breaks out). That age when keeping them busy means whatever keeps them busy. On this day we were outside letting him drown the grass with the water hose.

We had a friend passing through and we Papa Bear decided we should grill out. First time meeting his "nef", "Uncle friend" brought Christopher his first lollypop. When I walked outside it was too late to take it away. Sucker punch to mom. #-o

Uncle Friend 1 Mom 0.

So while the boys were outside, I did get a few minutes of a break, even if that meant whipping up whatever was next. I was inside without my foot soldier. 

Within that time Chrisotpher was seated with a towel around him to catch the drool so the ants wouldn't find their way to the party. 

1000 + licks or so later...

I was back outside supervising the end of the blow pop.

What happened next was ugly...

Christopher willingly gave me each piece of chewed gum but he did not want to relinquish the stick as if more candy would appear. In an attempt to redirect traffic to the water hose, he had a dirty diaper and war broke out. 

That moment when you take the lollypop stick from a 17 month old, wrap a towel around them like a straight jacket, carry the flailing wailing log in the house to change the mashed dirty diaper, turn on the bath water, scoop the poop with the diaper, lift the flailing wailing log into bath, wash and dress for a nap while Uncle Friend and Papa Bear enjoy their beer at 10:51 am. 

Yes! 10:51 am so says the timestamp on the photo. 

Say it with me, "SERIOUSLY?"

Uncle Friend 2 Mom 0.

We've all had times like this that make us want to pull our hair out. The Papa Bear's of the world then come in the house clueless, wondering what's wrong with YOU when you're either pissed or crying and you have no proof of what just happened because. THIS.

The lollypop throw down.

The lollypop throw down.

The End

What's your throw down story? We all have one like this.