This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you...

Iused to dread the end of the school year, wondering what in the world we were going to fill in the gap with once the summer vacations were over. But this summer has been nice. Christopher has been very self sufficient in entertaining himself or playing outside with friends.

Previous summers you might have found him breathing on my elbow. Now, there's only a corner of the day that he wants me to watch what he's doing. It's usually when I sit down with a glass of wine and plug into my audiobook. #-o

So we were in Walmart this week when I ran right smack into the school supplies. "UGH!" I exclaimed. 

Avatars created with  Bitmoji

Avatars created with Bitmoji

Christopher said, "What's wrong mom?" I whined, "School supplies means back to school."

He said, "Why does back to school bother you? I'm the one who has to do all the work."


He gave me the 'UT OH' look and I went in for the kill listing an abbreviated version of how back to school affects me. 

10 Reasons Why This Mom Hates "Back to School"

1. The school supplies list - At the moment, Christopher's school supplies list remains face down on my desk. I'll  have to look at it...

2. Clothes shopping - At age 10, Christopher is between the boy's and men's department. Since he has grown inchES over the summer, I suspect he won't be in kids sizes anymore. 

3. Shoe shopping - Christopher researches sneakers like he does cars; at one glance he can tell you the make and model. Waiting for him to choose a pair is like watching paint dry. He's now wearing a 10 ½, so with men's shoe growing feet prices, he gets one pair at a time. I can check shoe shopping off the list.

4. School lunches - It's daunting packing the first lunch and knowing you'll do it for 150+ more days. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. 

You know what? There's too many of these to whine about. 


5. There's everything else that Christopher is NOT self sufficient about - Getting up. Going to bed. Homework. The Science Project.

And then there's the wash rinse repeat reminders. Did you brush your teeth? Did you wash your face? Did you put deodorant on?

Riding the school bus is never smooth sailing. It's late or too early and the kids are bad which makes the bus driver mean... #everyfreakinyear

Picture day. Fundraisers. Parties. Christmas Break. Colds. Ice Days. Spring Break. Pollen season. Allergies. 

Let's not forget sports! Football practice starts next week, which will overlap with basketball, which will overlap with the science project which will coincide with Christmas break. 

So when Christopher told me that he was dreading next weeks conditioning practices, while I'm on back to school overload I said,

Son, this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.
— #backtoschool

I wish I knew what else to expect so I could whine about that too. There's always something.

C'mon, tell me,  "What do YOU hate about back to school?"

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