The Point of it All...

I can't stay away from you too long..."

Do you read into song lyrics? I never really paid attention to lyrics. I've sung along having no idea what the song was about just because the music sounded good. I tried to explain this to my daddy when I was in the seventh grade blasting Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye and singing and swaying like I had a clue. Maybe I had a clue, but I sweared I didn't.

Now Prince was something else. I didn't have a CLUE until I was grown. 

Since becoming an avid book listener, I noticed that when I am listening to music I pay more attention to the lyrics. Much to my horror, some of my workout playlist is pretty raunchy, but it gets the job done. 

Yesterday I was listening to my Love Song playlist. The Point of it All came on and I listened to it three times. I just love Anthony Hamilton's voice, but this day the words spoke to me differently. 

In the song Anthony Hamilton is singing about someone he loves. I applied it to something I love. Writing. Here.

I think of this place as my own room. My room that I can come to and decorate over and over and write to my hearts content. And when I don't come around...

My days seem long whenever we're apart

It's like someone had thrown away my heart

You're a major part of my life...

I love writing in my room and as much as my thoughts scrounge for something relevant to write about, coming up with nothing, I can't stay away too long. 

Yesterday a very dear friend of mine Dr. James-Etta started her blog, All That is Good. Remember what writing that first post felt like? Butterflies in the stomach new love.

Well, she inspired me to come back to my room and write something. Go check out my friend, she's about to take off!

I need to stop worrying about what's relevant and just write. I'm tired of losing my way because of trying to follow the blogging path. I know some of you long time bloggers know exactly what I mean by that. Can you feel me?

To my blog...

Whenever we're apart

It damn near starves my heart

And I don't ever want to be apart
And the point of it all,
Is that I love you
— Anthony Hamilton

What do you love and are you doing you?