How Do You Take Your Coffee?

I can only drink black coffee with dessert. Christopher has described the latest edition of The Christopher Chronicles as "delectable", so you might want to give this combo a try. Your coffee may be bitter with no cream or sugar, so you might be spitting it out either way. 

The Christopher Chronicles is a comic relief book to tickle you in all the right places.

Available at Amazon on Paperback and Kindle

Graphic Created w/  Free Mockup Templates

Graphic Created w/ Free Mockup Templates

You don't need a Kindle to enjoy Kindle books

I am the biggest fan of digital reading, but when it comes to this book I just love the weight of it in my hands. 

Three Ways To Get TCC

Seriously, though. How DO you take your coffee? :-j

Today, I'm taking mine with two creams and a side of marketing.