Coffee Break: On Busy Weekends with Family

Iam so glad to enjoy a coffee break today. Last Wednesday I forgot my snacks, so I went to run errands instead. I still needed to buy a card, get gas and have my car cleaned for a quick road trip this weekend with my parents and Christopher. We went to a baby shower for one of my cousins in Chesapeake, Virginia.

I had planned my first stop to get my car washed that afternoon but out of the blue, it started raining. Since Christopher's basketball camp is in the middle of nowhere at a plant nursery, I was not getting my car washed just to drive it in the mud when I went to pick him up.

Buying a card took minutes and I was left with hours to meander. I tried shopping. I made a loop in Burlington Coat Factory, Rack Room, Kohls, Target, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. All I bought was that "one more thing" for my cousin. Forgetting to get gas, I ended up back at basketball camp for more than half the time remaining. I should have taken a coffee break.


We had a wonderful weekend. Mom and dad arrived on Thursday and left this morning. Thursday's weather was iffy. Daddy called me while I was out walking. I looked at the weather app on my phone and said, "If you leave right now, you might be alright." They got here, unloaded the car and within minutes we had a downpour followed by hail and a temperature that dropped down to 56 degrees. In May. In North Carolina!


It's been a good while since I spent a Mother's Day weekend with my mom. I'm usually sitting alone on the front porch on Mother's Day. Yesterday we were sitting together. While she was here, I made sure that she didn't have to worry about what daddy (Mr. Can't Make A Decision) was going to eat. I prepared all her meals and told daddy what he could have.

Christopher educated Granddaddy on the meaning of a photo bomb.

Christopher educated Granddaddy on the meaning of a photo bomb.


On Friday daddy rode with me to basketball camp. I still had not had the car cleaned. He said, "We will just take our car. You need new tires." On the drive there he said, "You need gas. You don't want to run out on this road." I had plenty.

When we arrived at basketball camp, I partly parked in the mud and subsequently got stuck in it when it was time to leave. If he hadn't been there I would have continued flinging mud poop on the side of my car while spinning deeper. He told me to turn my wheel, pull forward and then back out. What do you know, I wasn't stuck. But my car was gross. It looked like giant bird poop was on it here and there.

Daddy said, "I'll wash your car on Sunday" and he did while mom and I sat on the porch.


A daddy visit rarely goes by where he isn't the star of the show on my blog. This post was originally going to be about his particular need to have Amy's pizza on Friday nights and doctoring it to his liking while listening to his music. 

He was the awesome photographer for the weekend and I'd rather share a few of those candids instead.  


This is my new profile picture on Facebook. This is a great Facebook approved candid shot.

Mom and Dad left sweet comments. 

This is a picture of Christopher pitching horseshoes. I love looking at him and seeing different people. I wondered how his Great Grandfather Pop Pop (who loved this game) looked pitching horseshoes, but here he looks just like Papa Bear when he's bowling.


Lastly, this one is of me and mom. We rarely want to take a picture because together we are usually relaxing in yoga pants with no makeup and ponytailed hair. 

Nice long coffee break today, but guess what? I never did get gas last Wednesday and now I really need it. :-SS

Peace out,