This Chapter Continues

Last Sunday I participated in a blog challenge to write two truths and one lie. I was tagged by blogger friend Jamie Miles. I copied her theme and wrote about why I haven't been blogging lately. The truth is, I'd lost my writing mojo and I had three excuses to explain it. 


  1. I've lost my writing mojo, so I'm ready to quit. When I'm feeling this way I change my blog theme. I've changed my blog theme a lot and I've finally run out templates I like. At this point I'd have to go back to something I've had and I'm like bleh. Enough of this. I think this chapter of my life is over.
  2. I've lost my writing mojo, so I've been exercising my butt off. I pretty much rise with the sun seven days a week and that is the time to exercise or write. After the day gets started I quickly lose my momentum for doing either, so I choose exercise. 
  3. I've lost my writing mojo, so I've been Netflixing, organizing stuff and putting puzzles together. This summer I've put together six puzzles, cleaned out two closets, completed a major overhaul to Papa Bear's office space and tweaked mine to death.

I really thought you'd believe #3 was a lie. I guess you'd have to know what Papa Bear's office looked like to know that it was an impossible task. I wouldn't have believed me if I read this blog post before it happened. 

The first picture was Papa Bear's office after we'd been working on it for half a day. He took some stuff to the dump and when he came back hours later from his escape, I know he was relieved to see I had finished. He would never have finished without me. I'm so happy about it; my nerves are finally at peace. 

I really thought you'd believe #2 was a lie. Who chooses exercise over anything? Well, I've finally found my exercise mojo. I usually fall off in the summer because outdoor activity isn't weather friendly. The tweaking of my office space was working to make it exercise friendly. I can burn up to 500 calories and get about 4000 steps in one hour without leaving the house. That's another post. I'll write about it if one person tells me they are interested. 

So I REALLY thought you'd believe #1 was true. There was definitely truth in it. But of course quitting wasn't one of them. True though, in order to freshen up my blogging attitude, I do like to change things up. So I made a few cosmetic changes.

When I think about the years I put into blogging, what I've accomplished and how many friends I've made, I couldn't quit now. I've still got books to sell and stories to tell. I'm so glad no one had faith in my lie.

This chapter of my life continues, one storytelling publication at a time. 

Thanks always for your support!

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  • What keeps you writing?

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