Vacation Memories Captured

I missed blogging all summer July because of vacations and other excuses. I hated to miss out on the opportunity to share my happenings a la blog fodder, but I figured a prompt would come around sooner or later and it turns out it's sooner.

This week the Sentence Prompt is "One of my favorite vacation memories..."

One of my favorite vacations this summer was not planned. I'm not a fan of impromptu, so when Papa Bear asked if Christopher and I wanted to come with him to Florida and hang out while he attended a photography seminar, I said, "No."

He asked me the day before he was planning to leave and Christopher and I had just returned from a four-day long weekend in South Carolina. There's a lot a mom has to do to get ready to leave on another trip. 

Papa Bear said, "The hotel is on the beach."

'Nuff said.

Pics from my phone...

Funny thing that happened on the way to the beach... 

Papa Bear found out he was booked in the wrong hotel, so he had to drive to his seminar. It wasn't a bad thing for Christopher and I to be stranded at the beach. :-j


taking an impromptu road trip, eating pizza, getting in the water, getting completely wet and undone. #lowmaintenancechillin'

Have you ever had more fun doing something you hadn't planned?

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