My Week, In Reverse

Dear Monday,

Thank you for being a holiday. I wish I could say I was chillin' but weather kinda of threw the weekend off. I'm gonna take a break to blog before I figure out what's for dinner.


Youth sports are back and that means, so is our business. Yesterday we were set up to shoot action shots for ten football games. 

The jamboree was scheduled for Saturday, but the fields were too wet so it was postponed to Sunday. So yesterday was planned but not. Therefore, throwing off a chillin' Labor Day.

Friday we had a ton of rain and wind gusts, courtesy of Tropical Storm Hermine, that left me unable to relax. Schools dismissed two-hours early, but it was one of those days I felt like they shouldn't have gone at all. No basketball camp.

Thursday, little did I know, people were shopping for a storm when I was also out doing major grocery shopping. My plan was to get every possible thing I would need IF we were cooking out today, because I didn't want to come back. We're not cooking out today and the store was a nightmare that day. 

Wednesday's are long days. I'm on the cleaning ministry at church and I work with a Wednesday group. I mostly vacuum which I don't mind; it gets me to my step goal quicker. I had a lunch meeting and in between I wanted to pick up a few of the requested donations for Christopher's school to drop off along with his school fees. I posted on Facebook

Christopher had a special project to do. No basketball camp. Wednesday was not so long.

Tuesday, I was in a bad mood. It had carried over from Monday. I remembered that Papa Bear ate the last of the watermelon and that's my breakfast right now until I get a bad one. So about the watermelon, a couple weeks ago I bought a big one and no one ate any. I had to throw half away. Christopher doesn't care for it and Papa Bear said, "I think it makes me itch." Never heard that one before. Though it didn't agree with me at times in my life, it never made me itch. 

Monday. The watermelon was gone. On Sunday Papa Bear didn't like the dinner I made so he ate a giant bowl of watermelon. No mention of itching side effects. :-?

Also on Monday, we had another bad storm. The power was out when Christopher came home from school. I had already decided no basketball camp because I couldn't close the garage. I could close it if I really wanted to. 

Christopher came home from his first day of school with an additional list of supplies needed. We usually have leftover supplies from prior years. He needed six folders with holes and pockets and a glue stick. I figured with my summer spring cleaning, I must have thrown them away.

Walmart left me in a bad mood for days. I posted on Facebook 

So I went to another Walmart, bypassing Walgreen's etc because I didn't want to pay $2.00 for a glue stick when I knew Walmart had a bin of them on sale. 

No bin. One glue stick. Not on sale. 

Later in the week, I was looking for something in Christopher's room and came across three unused glue sticks. So I took $2.00 out of his wallet. 

So I could serve up some watermelon, because apparently I'm the only one eating it again.

How was YOUR week?
What's your go to meal when you don't know what to cook?