Does your body feel like a toxic waste dump?

So apparently I can't have a lazy weekend anymore? My watch reminded me to stand on more than one occasion this weekend and I either ignored it or told it to shut up. On Monday I told it out loud, "I'm on vacation." Tuesday morning as I started my normal weekday routine, I was rewarded with a nice juicy back spasm.

The exact thing happened on Monday of last week and it messed up my whole week. I still had to do everything that I normally do, but I couldn't do the extras like go to the gym or volunteer clean at the church on Wednesday or move at mom speed. It was a crappy week. 

So after it happened again yesterday, I did skip the gym, but I did yoga and 30 minutes with Leslie. I just didn't do everything they did. When the 30 minutes was up, I continued until I met my move and exercise goal. Both happened right around 52 mins and that was a good start to working out my back boogies. 

However, the feeling remained. The feeling that tells you to be careful what you reach for and the feeling that does not allow you to move at mom speed. 

I pretty much don't go to the doctor unless it's for a physical or I can't breathe. But one day last Jaunary, my back locked up so bad I did have to go. "Moving" was recommended. I guess that's 'you're getting old' advice. I often think of myself as the tin man who needed so much oil here and there to get him moving. Ain't nobody got time for that every morning. Ugh.

Without research or doctors advice I know that eating crap and not drinking enough water is the straw that broke the moms back. 

But because I'm ridiculous, I googled to see what Fibromyalgia was all about then I found a better suited article that explains my pain. What I'm experiencing isn't something I'm going to doctor for because I don't believe in pain management.

But in January when they gave me something for pain, I took one. I was desparate. I'm sure I was still hurting while I was in a coma. I don't like pain pills. I'd have never taken it if Papa Bear wasn't home. Then the following day after taking something like that I feel depressed. 

So anyway in the article,  just the question, "Does your body feel like toxic waste dump?" was kind of like reading a wake up call. I had a lazy weekend that included, popcorn, pretzels, m&m's and wine, crap instead of real meals and very little water. 


Does your body feel like a toxic waste dump?

"It may be more literally true than you realized! Some evidence shows that a knot may be a patch of polluted tissue: a nasty little cesspool of waste metabolites. If so, it’s no wonder they hurt, and no wonder they cause so many strange sensations: it’s more like being poisoned than being injured. Back pain is the best known symptom of the common muscle knot, but they can cause an astonishing array of other aches and pains. Misdiagnosis is much more common than diagnosis."


So now I'm thinking about "waste metabolites" as boogies in my back. I need to blow them out. When I'm eating clean I don't feel like this. Yesterday before my spasm, I did feel bad. I felt bloated and I couldn't wait to go to the gym. Then when I got a spasm, that was that. I was just going to have a go though the motions day with what I had to do and not feel that great while doing it.

What do you eat that makes you feel good?

I had broiled salmon and steamed broccoli for lunch yesterday. My clean eating rule of thumb is, if it rinses off dishes clean, you are good to go. 

What do you eat that makes you feel bad?

There are lots of things. Oddly, yogurt is one. I like the taste and I like that it makes me feel full, but it doesn't leave me feeling great. It brings on the bloat feeling. It takes a hard spray of water to rinse the yogurt container clean to put in recycle. 

So I'm going to work on cutting out those things don’t rinse well even if they are "healthy", as well as the crap that I know contributes to the boogies in my back.

I want to jump up and go, not roll out and be careful. That's not cool. 

Article Disclaimer: It's a good read, that leads to purchasing a book. I'm not endorsing it; it's just something I stumbled upon.

Sporadically Yours,