Fresh off the Block: A Halloween Story

Fresh off Writer's Block...

This week's Finish the Sentence writing prompt is about Halloween. When it comes to Halloween, I'm not a fan. Last year I wrote about death and Halloween and why I don't participate in it now. I started to link that post up to participate in the prompt, but then changed my mind and decided to write something fresh. 

When I was a kid we didn't participate in Halloween for a different reason. I think it was because my dad turned us into health nuts. He started reading a book one day and overnight we became vegetarians.

We didn't just stop at no meat, we stopped eating sugar too, which meant no candy came in the house. I'd say we they lasted with the no sugar for a solid five years. 

One Halloween out of that five years, I was in the 6th grade. It was October 31, 1981.

I was the new from-another-school-district-vegetarian-not-supposed-to-eat-candy kid.

Just as I've tried to make Halloween a special day in our own way for Christopher, that particular Halloween my mom made it special for me. 

For Halloween we gave out fresh roasted peanuts and freshly popped popcorn. The house smelled so good! I don't know how long that evening lasted, but I remember at one point, we had a line of kids waiting.

That night was one of the most fun 'in the house' family moments I can recall and it's a happy memory to associate with Halloween.

The next day I was remembered. Instead being invisible new girl, I was the girl who gave out popcorn and I was cool. 

2017 Update: My daddy eats candy like he's making up for lost time.

I never stopped. 

Sporadically Yours,