Snapshot Memories…


Have you ever looked at a photo that made you remember things you’d forgotten?

I remember that I used to climb trees, and play with boys. There was a boy named Kevin who lived across the street from us in our apartment complex. This tree was in front of his apartment building.

I’d visited Kevin’s apartment several times to see his collection of Star Wars figurines. I think they belonged to his dad because he wasn’t allowed to touch them and they were on display in the living room.

Kevin and I roamed all over the apartment complex and through the woods. We played in the mud, making mud pies, we picked blackberries off of bushes, we pulled legs off granddaddy long legs, and we caught tadpoles in the creeks.

One day we were in the woods and came to an open section that we’d been to before. It was “fort” looking without the actual fort. In my memory now, it was an area intentionally cleared for sitting around. That day we found Playboy type magazines.

We looked through them and giggled at women’s boobs and then went on about our business. I can’t remember if I felt like we’d done anything wrong. Maybe because Kevin was a boy, he harbored guilt for what he’d seen. Nevertheless, I thought it was a secret we’d keep between us.

The secret was short-lived and ended our friendship. Kevin told his mom that I showed him dirty magazines in the woods and Kevin’s mom told my dad. I don’t remember if daddy and I talked about it. But I remember that my feelings were hurt because I felt that Kevin had gotten me into trouble and made it all my fault.

After that he wasn’t allowed to play with me anymore.


A happier ending to my story… the red earrings that I’m wearing in this picture were a late Christmas present from my great grandmother. She’d sent the box to us in time for Christmas but we didn’t receive it until sometime the following summer. It was a nice surprise.

The End

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