"As the days grow darker..."

One of my seasonal anxieties (for the past 14 years) has been eliminated! As of this past May, we finally got a traffic light leaving out of our neighborhood. I can now come and go at any time of day without the stress of making a left turn across two lanes to secure a spot in the median.

The lack of a traffic light had led to many accidents, some close calls and some ending in fatalities.

One of those close calls hit too close to home when a good friend of ours was hit leaving the neighborhood.

I’m happy to report that she’s fine, but we were all shaken up about the what if’s.

It made me more nervous to leave the neighborhood. I can’t imagine how she felt after that day.

Letter to the Editor from September 15, 2015:


I’d like to believe that my letter was a stepping stone. I’m claiming that it was. Months later we were signing another petition, and then there was a Town Hall meeting with proposed plans. It was another year before we heard that it was official and the project would start in October of 2017 to be completed in the Spring of 2018. It was an even bigger pain to get in and out of here this time last year. Now the time has arrived that I’ve been waiting for.

I left for the gym this morning in the DARK.

As the days grow darker, the red light is a treat. I’ll sit and wait for the light to turn green more patiently than I have ever waited for any other.

From 5:20 pm today November 1st, 2018


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