Eagles Flying High Now

Shout out to the Philadelphia Eagles!

You can't watch history being made and not write about the moment, and you can't be from the Philadelphia area and not feel some type of way with excitement today.


We are from a small town in Pennsylvania about 20 miles from Philidelphia. So when all your other teams lose in the football playoffs you go for your home team, even if they are the underdogs. 

The last minute of the Super Bowl game was truly a longest moment in football. At 20 seconds remaining, my dad said, "If they lose, I am NEVER watching football again."

Mom and I were pacing, my husband told me to sit down, and daddy echoed the same to mom. We didn't. 

After the clock ran out, mom and I hugged, we all got on facebook to comment on various posts and some speakerphone calls were made. 

The best commercial moment was the Dirty Dancing parody.

Mom and I laughed really hard. Daddy said, "I don't get it." We explained that it was from the movie Dirty Dancing and he replied, "Oh yeah, I've heard of it. That's the one with John Travolta?" 

Oh father. #-o

So anyway, how did you feel about the half-time show? We weren't too impressed. I did think the Prince tribute was nice with the purple lights throughout the stadium and city, but I think it would have been so much better as a Prince tribute half-time show sans Justin Timberlake.

What was your favorite commercial?

Sporadically Yours,