Knock on Wood

That moment when the first thing you think about is the last thing you want to write about.
— #promptwriting

I'm really afraid of death.

I'm afraid of not having any parents. All of my friends have lost at least one parent. How do they cope? I don't want to ever be without mine. 

I'm afraid of losing my husband. People my age have lost their husbands. How do they cope? I don't ever want to be without mine.

I'm afraid of losing my child. Parents aren't supposed to outlive their children. How do they cope? I don't ever want to be without mine. 

I'm afraid of losing my brother. Brothers and sisters eventually lose their sibling(s). Someone is first, someone is last. How do they cope? I don't ever want to be without mine. 

I could go on like the most morbid of Academy Award winning speeches, and think of who I forgot name.

I'm just afraid of death. Period. I'm afraid of the kind of death where something terrible happens and death takes someone away in an instant. I am afraid of long term and short term - terminal illnesses. 

I am really afraid of suicide.

And I'm afraid that my lack of experience with death has made me irrational with worry.

I'm most afraid that by writing about it, I've given death an invitation to enter. 


And that's all I have to say about that


This was a Finish the Sentence Friday post. It's the standard prompt for Week 1 of the newly formatted Finish the Sentence Friday writing community. I'm co-hosting with Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee and this week we are finishing the sentence, "I'm really afraid that/of...".

If you need a laugh to lighten up a heavy heart, I once wrote about something that I'm equally afraid of, if not more. I just re-read it and it will without a doubt put a smile on your face. 

Join us for next week's FTSF prompt, a Listicle post, where we will share 10 ten things that are better than anything except being in love.