Been there...

When I think about life lessons, I think about experiences I've had that changed the way I do things. 

My first job was at Baskin Robbins. I never ask for more than one sample, I don't take my time if people are behind me and I don't go there just before closing asking for a milkshake or sundae.

We used to clean up in the last hour. We didn't get paid beyond closing time. So in the last 30 minutes or so we'd start cleaning so that we could leave shortly after closing. If we had to make a milkshake or sundae after we'd cleaned that area, it was as if you hadn't cleaned it at all.  

My second job was at a grocery store. I always put things back where they belong if I change my mind, and I don't go there just before closing. 

I remember an old man who used to come into the store just before closing and take his time as if he preferred to shop when no one else was in the store.

I always use the bathroom before I leave home, even if I don't feel like I have to go.

I once lived overseas and had a fender bender. The process is much longer than showing your license and registration and exchanging insurance information. Somehow I managed to communicate my bladder dilemma. I made it, but it was a close close call. I now have pee anxiety.

I never ask a childless couple if they want children.

I don't think anyone realizes how insensitive this is until you're the one being asked. It's equally insensitive to shame them about having a second child for the first child. You don't know their story.

I once dropped a hot curling iron onto my bare legs lap 'nuff said.

I'll patiently accept that there nothing a mom can do about their crying babies or toddlers on an airplane.

I'll never ride a horse again without proper riding attire to include full coverage underwear. 

When I think about life lessons there are bigger fish to write about, but in cramming for a writing prompt sometimes those fish are too heavy to reel in. 

Sporadically Yours,

What's one of your been there, done that small fish lessons?

This was a Finish the Sentence Friday post. It's the standard prompt for Week 1 of the Finish the Sentence Friday writing community. I'm co-hosting with Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee and this week we are finishing the sentence, "When I think about life lessons".

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