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Checkmate: Starving to win...

Today is day three of a mini blog challenge  where the theme is "humorous". I'm always amazed at how long my husband and son can go without eating when I'm not cooking anything.  So today I am sharing a short story about winning a very important game that I call "hold out".  

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What is Zip Lining?

That's the question I asked on Friday night when our friends told us what was planned for Saturday. We take turns planning the vacations; the non planners just pay and show up.  

If I had known zip lining was on the menu I would have come prepared with a stomach virus. 

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Green Eggs & Tears...

One of the hardest things about having a miscarriage aside from the physical pain, was ‘untelling’ the good news. I called my parents first. I can’t even remember how the conversation went. But today I can still remember how daddy sounded. Mom put on her strong voice, daddy’s voice could not be disguised.

Read the happy ending...​

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The simple life...

As I wrote this post, I heard Stevie Wonder singing and playing the keyboards; the base rocking the house from daddy’s huge speakers. I smelled sandalwood incense burning. I heard my mom talking on the telephone, envisioning the coiled cord stretched across the kitchen. I heard kids playing outside. I smelled baking bread, and spaghetti sauce simmering...

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