Grasping At Straws...

It's Friday, October 9, 2015.


It's been a week since the Oregon shooting that killed 10 people.

It's been a week since it started raining in my hometown Columbia, South Carolina and we didn't know the massive damage it was going to cause.

It's been a week since I whined out loud on Facebook about the weather here in North Carolina keeping the dishwasher repair guy away and the fact that I was coming down with something and couldn't take a nap because school was being dismissed early and Papa Bear was out of town.

One of my cousins responded, "KENYA WASH YOUR OWN DISHES." She posted that comment with a smiley Emoji, but it kind of made me not want to whine out loud ever again.

Then the Facebook pictures started rolling in from my South Carolina friends that the nation hadn't seen yet. It was awful. It IS awful. Because I know/knew what those places look/looked like in real life, it really "hit home." Home is broken.

Mom and Dad are fine, and I did a roll call text to all of my closest friends. But we all know someone who knows someone, who knows someone who lost everything. 

So from my sofa where I pretty much remained all last weekend and into Monday, I did not whine out loud again. 

Do you ever hover over your own status or share before posting and think, "That's irrelevant"? 

It's been a week since I blogged. 

With a futile attempt at blogging and being relevant, I gave myself a few minutes to "stream" from "my conscience".