Let's get together and feel all right...

I didn't realize how badly we needed a vacation until Papa Bear and I were in the middle of the ocean giving one another salt water kisses.

"Is this love?"

"Is this love?"

I'm sitting here listening to The Best of Bob Marley while I write this post. One Love is the theme song for the vacation we just had with friends and Christopher in Jamaica.

"One Love."

"One Love."

One Love! One Heart!
Let’s get together and feel all right.
— Bob Marley

Favorite Moment

Three Little Birds -  singing  "Don't worry 'bout a ting..."

Three Little Birds - singing "Don't worry 'bout a ting..."

Snorkeling wasn't on our agenda, but on short notice we booked one last excursion. Once I saw that Christopher was in and fine, I ventured in too. Initially I thought I wouldn't let go of the rope that anchored the boat, but I just had to catch my breath. After that and a few salt water kisses, the exploration was on. I didn't see Nemo but I saw plenty of fish that looked like Gill.

Favorite Photos 


These photos are part of a video we bought, so I had to take a picture of my computer screen to recapture them. We hiked up Dunn's River Falls. This adventure was a little scary to me because I am clumsy and I seemed to slip in between rocks that everyone else so graciously stepped on. I didn't realize my water shoes were too big until it was too late. I also didn't like looking at the water rushing past my feet, but we held hands as a group and that was "our safety net". 

The water was COLD!

The water was COLD!

Favorite Story

The same day that we hiked the falls, we also spent a couple hours at Bamboo Beach. We were on a full day excursion that took us up and down the island. The beach was a relaxing stop where we would be fed and entertained.

Christopher and I were in and out of the water.

I kept an eye on the beach to make sure we didn't miss when food and drinks were delivered. 

We were skipping rocks in the ocean when Christopher found a heart shaped one.

He said, "Look what I found mom!" I said, "That's beautiful! I want to keep it. Go put it in my bag." 

He went to show Papa Bear who wasn't as enthused as Mama Bear, so little did I know Christopher threw it back in the water. 

Back on the beach, I was looking for it in my bag. I asked Christopher where it was. He told me he threw it back and I gasped, "I wanted to keep that! It was so special." :-<"Oh well."

A little while later from the water Christopher hollered, "MOM!" He ran towards me with something in his hand. I sat up. He said, "I found it!" I said, "No way!" I gave him a high five and said, "Now it's REALLY special." It was unbelievable that he found it again. 

There can't be two rocks that look like this right?

There can't be two rocks that look like this right?

The morning of our departure, I took a picture of it and then tucked it in the suitcase with Teddy. I had seen a sign somewhere about not taking any shells and I didn't know if my rock would make it through security/customs. I figured if they saw the rock with Teddy they wouldn't have the heart to confiscate it. 

Favorite Momento

Here's the reason why I'm just getting around to posting about our trip. I had a project to do. 

"Could you be loved?"

"Could you be loved?"

Though I've given Christopher plenty of hugs to let him know how much I appreciated him finding the heart shaped rock again, I also wanted him to know how special it was to me.

I painted it to resemble Jamaica's flag. The reverse side says, One Love. Christopher - Age 10. 

It now resides in our curio cabinet. 


Did you catch the Bob Marley song title references?