It's Mother's Day in July...

Traditionally, if the weather is nice and the pollen is gone, I sit on the porch all day for Mother's Day. This year I think it was raining.

Today, I'm sitting on the porch like it's Mother's Day.

I think I'm going to be here all day. It's currently 84 degrees and the humidity is at 46%. That is practically a cold front for July here on the east coast of North Carolina.

I was inside listening to an audiobook and I saw the trees moving.

You know about when it's the dead of the summer and nothing moves?

Well my scenery had movement, like people walking their dogs at noon and stuff. So I ventured out. Thank you July 25th, bless your blistering heart! 

Today’s weather is like having whatever you gave up for Lent.

Once I came outside with the audiobook, I said this isn't the same as reading a book. Listening is for doing stuff inside when the weather is extreme. So I went back in the house to get my laptop in hopes that I could see the screen to blog. And voilà! Here I am.

I just devoured three peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies (late breakfast) and I'm sipping on a glass of some delicious Almond milk my mom left here.

Last week I had a girl's week with my mom while Papa Bear and the boy were away in Louisiana. The morning that I was to meet mom and dad halfway, she sent me this picture.

I made daddy Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip cookies for being a good sport. 

I made daddy Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip cookies for being a good sport. 

Not once did daddy call to ask, "What's for dinner?"

Mom and I never did have sit outside weather. It was blistering hot. We mostly stayed inside watching movies, HGTV and TLC, while keeping each other company.

One morning she and I went to the gym and came back to do some yoga. I followed her moves. Still hot from the gym, I took off my shirt. Corpse positioned, I had a back fart (sweaty back on yoga mat). The first time we giggled, the second time we broke out in a fit of laughter like Minions and I put my shirt back on so we could finish. 

So about the title of my post...

It had everything to do with the peace on my front porch, but the Paparazzi aka "the little kids" have arrived.

The little kids next door love playing with Christopher. They stalk him from his bedroom window before they ring the doorbell three times, once for each child. The little sister is currently riding her scooter in and out of their existence.

45 minutes and lunch made later...

It is not Mother's Day but I shall return to my front porch for happy hour. 

Today's Storytelling Lesson: 

Keep your shirt on for public yoga, lest you'll find yourself embarrassed or giggling like the Minions. #backfarts