Meet Travel Anxiety

Ibought a purse from Zappos for my upcoming trip. It was functional, but not really cute. I tried it on with a few outfits and I just couldn't like it. I knew it was something I wouldn't use day to day once the trip was over, so I returned it.

I found a functional purse I already had, something ugly I bought for another trip and haven't used since. But my cellphone has grown bigger since then. With passports, lipgloss, cellphone, earbuds etc, the ugly little purse would have been bulging at my side. I tried it on with a few outfits and I couldn't like it either. I returned it to the purse bin under my bed. 

So I went back to an original idea to carry a backpack. But I did not want to carry a backpack. I worried about someone pickpocketing my backpack while I was oblivious. But I'm not traveling alone.

Papa Bear will have my back.

I pulled a backpack from the purse bin under my bed. It was ugly. It was not my favorite color. It was apple green, my old favorite color. Though my traveling wardrobe consists of mix and match black & whites, I didn't not want to carry a green backpack. I did not try it on with a few outfits. It was too big, and green. And I couldn't like it. [-)

Ibought a purse from Amazon for my upcoming trip. It was really cute, but not functional. I tried it on with a few outfits and I just love it. I knew it was something I would use day to day once the trip was over, so I kept it. But it's too small for traveling (if I wanted a neck pillow to fit in it).


So I bought a black backpack.

It's a functional backpack. I tried it on with a few outfits and it's cute. It'll fit passports, lipgloss, cellphone, earbuds, a neck pillow and I'll be hands free and matching.

 I can also hold it by the handle if I feel a pickpocketer hovering.

I temporarily lost our passports

I took them out a few weeks ago to fill out some paperwork. I decided not to put them back in the safe and instead put them in a "safe" place.

This morning my eyes flew open at 4:30. I was thinking, "WHERE ARE THE PASSPORTS?" @-)

I went to the safe and they were not there. I got back in the bed to think. I went back to the safe again, to make sure my flashlight didn't overlook them. But they weren't there for real!

Think think think. :-?

Momentary panic gripped me when I thought maybe I'd put them in the purse that I sent back to Zappos.

Zappos has great customer service. They would find my passports and get them to me on time... 

But what if someone bought that purse and they have it but haven't looked inside the bag yet. What if ten people ordered that purse and Zappos can't track down the one I returned?

Calm down Kenya.

Think think think.

I looked in the purse bin under my bed and found them! [-O< They were in the ugly little functional purse that was just right for passports but not my cellphone, lipgloss, earbuds and certainly not a neck pillow.

I held the passports against my beating chest and then I put them in the cute purse, not the functional backpack because I really want to travel with the cute purse and just hold my neck pillow.

I'll use the backpack on the other end. ;))

Where should I put the passports until I decide which bag I'm traveling with?

  • Tuck them in my bra
  • Next to my toothbrush 
  • In the bowl with the car keys
  • In the car we are taking to the airport
  • In the side pocket of the suitcase
  • In the shoes I plan to wear
Needless to say, I could not go back to sleep. (:|

What do you stress about when you have to travel?

Sporadically Yours,