All in Christopherisms

"Love you to pieces."

It was bedtime and we'd had a one on one evening because it's Papa Bear's bowling night.

Since there's only two days of school left I let Christopher play outside until 7:45 then we went to run an errand and go to Sonic (our new favorite place). 

As I kissed him on the cheek he said,

Judge a book by its cover!

I'm reaching out to you and all of my social media connections to choose the cover for my next book. I've chosen a short "Age 6" Christopherism to represent two title choices.

Thank you in advance for participating in this short survey! Your response is totally anonymous. 

Christopherism - Caught on Tape!

I was doing some computer cleaning today - organizing and deleting old files -  I ran across this video and had to share. 

If I hadn't stopped the recording so abruptly you would have heard me laughing. What followed was a year of his Christopherisms and I was inspired to put them in a book and publish it. It all began at age 5.