All in Misadventures

Food Wars: The Battle of the Bears

Let me preface this story with explaining that when I met Papa Bear I had been a vegetarian for a good chunk of my life, but had recently started eating chicken and shrimp. Papa Bear on the other hand was Straight Outta Louisiana and ate the complete opposite. I mean like no vegetables steak and potatoes opposite. Just like with any other ups and downs in a relationship, we occasionally go through food wars. I am currently on strike. 

The Kite: A Throwback Thursday Story

Christopher's two favorite things were airplanes and dinosaurs. So as a family we went out in search of a kite, which left me sitting in the car with the napping Christopher. I can tell you that it would have taken me a fraction of the time to go in a store to pick out a kite. Never send the man in to get the kite unless you want some alone time.